SERVICES: Technical Support fire prevention for all products fire retardants, flame retardants & fire stopping 24/7.  

RBQ license 8354-3827-56 / Specialized entrepreneur in commercial painting and in Fire Retarding

Our mission is to move forward to protect the environment

Innov Protect inc. offers services research and development, such as technical advice for businesses, governmental and public properties, libraries, hospital & theatres etc. Civil responsibility toward building security should be mandatory and using ecological non toxic, biodegradable flame retardants should be the way to preserve our holdings. We will make our technical expertise at your service to better inform you about what flame retardant product you should use for the material you want to treat. We will give you tips about how to get the best fire protection quality with our products in order for you to get the 5 years warranty for the application.

Innov Protect inc. has been fire retarding for years and since our beginning Clients have appreciated our work by referring us to their partners. As a matter of fact, our reputation has grown up, and so our service did as well.

We can come to your place or send you your free sample and we will do the R&D and test with minimum fees for any material. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning our products. Our team shall be at your service to listen to your inquiries and to earn the privilege to be client's first choice regarding fire prevention.

Innov Protect's policy : For all application or test, please be advised that we do not use or promote autoclave treatment (or high pressure treatment) because this may negatively impact wood breaking-s-trength. Technical Support Phone number :  (514)887-5456 

Our fire retarding products, flame retardants, putty, firestop Caulking, fire retardant, intumescent Paint,  & all our passive fire prevention products are very competitive with a high quality. It does only require one coating compared to other products that may require up to 3 coatings for the very same rating.