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Innov Protect Inc., Manufacturer fire protection products supplier, introducing a new range of extinction and fire retardants, flame retardants and firestops with our new "FS" & "FBI-180" "Innov Protect Inumescent Paint" line of products concerning fire protection products. As sush, Innov Protect is a supplier of fire retardants, flame retardants & firestops and distributes several fire protection solutions on an basis not only in Canada but in various parts of the globe with a "Class A rating" on each fire retardant, flame retardants, fire retardant sprays & fire stopping.


Many applications can be effectively Fire Retarded with Flame Stop Fire Retardants and Stops:  for interior and exterior woods, structural steel column, Fabrics (Synthetic and Natural) Open and closed cell Foam, Pressure Treated Wood, Formica and all types of fabrics for use in office buildings, nursing homes, apartment, hotels and resorts, restaurants, theaters, schools, churches, commercial applications as well as residential, where their fire protection products can save lives and invaluable assets.


The purpose of these ecological products is to render materials virutally non-flammable. One of the keys is to make a chemical change in the material. When this change occurs, it renders the material non-combustible. Their products fire retardant, flame retardants and firestops provide a ''Class '' fire rating when applied correctly. In addition to fire retardancy, all fire retardants contain a mold and mildew inhibitor which when applied, helps protect against black mold, bacteria, fungus, and insects such as termites.

All Fire Retardants, Flame Retardants and Firestops are non-halogenated, non toxic and Free of any form of Bromine. All fire retardants are tested by National 3rd party laboratories, such as UL*, ASTM*, NIST*, ICBO*, ULC1L29, ULC S-101 NFPA, SBCCI, BOA, ICBO, CABO, IEE634 and meet or exceed the appropriate test standards to assure that established fire codes are maintained. Flame Stop's TM products are pyrolytic formulations that prevent flames from spreading by developing a chemically self-extinguishing reaction.

Our public motto : PREEMPTIVE SAFETY

If fire insurance is strongly recommended then fireproof treatment should be mandatory.
If insurance can only reimburse your asset losses, Flame Stop products can only help you shield your assets from fire hazards.
If preventing is better off than repairing, preventing fire blazes from spreading is one step towards reducing your exposure to natural and accidental risks that can harm your safety. Preemptive measures are one of the best shields money can buy!!!


a) The best product for the type of material you need?
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Our objectives :

  • To increase : the awareness on the benefits related to the application of preemptive fire retardants through the media channels, educational forums, etc.
  • To promote : the expertise built over the years by our specially trained technicians.
  • To contribute : to the development of bio-friendly fire retardants when applied to various materials and surfaces by improving chemical resistance through Fire retardants, fire stoppers, intumescing paints (or regular paints) or Fire stop caulking for fire wall penetration.
  • Our Commitment : to inform and advise our client base (including our partners and all certified professionals in anti-flame treatment) how to satisfy basic requirements in fire prevention matters.
  • To Represent : this industy in public, government agencies, professional organizations or school boards by conveying the importance of using bio-friendly preventive treatments that can reduce our exposure to life threatening fire hazards.
  • To Propose : to special regulator agencies whose main task is to implement restrictive rules concerning Fire protection and security practices in various industry sectors. As such, Innov Protect's management team is determined to increase the public awareness and making sure that the high quality products and practices developed and licensed are standardized and recognized by special monitoring groups and professional organizations nationwide.




Fire protection, fire flame retardant, firestop safety products
 Europe: LNE No: 90900603 - Classement - M1  






RBQ # Licence 8354-3827-56 / Specialized Entrepreneur in commercial painting and in Fire Retarding And Renovatin  




All fire retardants products for fire retardant clothing, fire retardant for fabric, fire retardant for nylon,  fire retardant for foam, fire retardant for cotton, fire retardant for wood, intumescent paint fire retardant for steel, and more  are sold in gallon (3.8L), pails 5 Gallons  (19L) et 55 gallons (209L).

Our fire retarding products, flame retardants, putty, firestop Caulking, fire retardant, Fire intumescent Paint,  & all our passive fire prevention products are very competitive with a high quality. It does only require one coating compared to other products that may require up to 3 coatings for the very same rating.

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